CNC Machining in Missouri


Key Terms for Beginners When it Comes to CNC Machining in Missouri — At LeVic Plastics, we know how crucial CNC machining in Missouri has become. In fact, many say that CNC machining is a “game-changer” in the manufacturing world. That’s why understanding the key terms of the CNC (Computer Numerical Control) industry is so important. That brings us to why we’re here today.

It’s time to expand your knowledge in the world of CNC machining. Our pros at LeVic Plastics are here to guide you. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to key terms that every beginner should know when it comes to CNC machining in Missouri.


CNC Machining

Let’s begin with the foundation. CNC machining using computer-controlled machines to create complex and repeatable parts. CNC machines can operate using a wide range of materials. This technology allows for highly accurate manufacturing, making it a staple in modern industries across Missouri and beyond. Are you’re looking for one of the most proven tooling services in Missouri? If so, consider CNC machining!



Are you familiar with CAD and CAM? These are more than just acronyms. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) are integral components of CNC machining in Missouri. Our team at LeVic Plastics knows that CAD software is used to design the 3D models of the parts you want to manufacture. Meanwhile, CAM software generates the toolpaths and instructions necessary for the CNC machine to produce those parts accurately.


Material Stock for CNC Machining in Missouri

Material stock is also commonly known in the CNC machining community as “raw material.” This is the initial material from which your desired part will be machined. It comes in various forms, such as sheets, bars, or blocks. The proper material stock is selected based on the properties required for the finished part.



Tooling refers to the tools used in the CNC machining process, including end mills, drills, and other cutting instruments. The choice of appropriate tooling services in Missouri is crucial for achieving the desired accuracy and finish of the machined part.


CNC Machining in Missouri


Feed Rate and Cutting Speed

Feed rate is how quickly the cutting tool moves through the material. Cutting speed is the rate at which the tool’s cutting edge engages with the material. It is imperative that these two items work together. Without feed rate and cutting speed, it will be quite difficult to achieve optimal machining results.



For CNC machining in Missouri, the term “axis” refers to the directions the machine can move. Most CNC machines operate using three primary axes. They are:

  • X Axis
  • Y Axis
  • Z Axis

First, there’s the X-axis, which represents horizontal movement. Next is the Y-axis, which denotes vertical movement. Finally, the Z-axis is the depth or axial movement.



Tolerance is a critical concept for CNC machining in Missouri. It defines the allowable deviation from the intended dimensions of a part. Setting the appropriate tolerance ensures that the machined part meets the required specifications.



G-Code is the language that CNC machines understand. It consists of a series of commands that tell the machine how to do multiple commands. These include:

  • How to move
  • What tool to use
  • Other essential instructions for machining a part



Workholding refers to the methods and devices used to secure the material stock in place during the machining process. It ensures that the material remains stable and accurately positioned, leading to consistent results.



A prototype is an initial sample or model of the part you intend to manufacture. Prototyping is a crucial step for CNC machining in Missouri, allowing you to test the design and make any necessary adjustments before moving to full production.


CNC Machining in Missouri



The finish refers to the surface quality of the machined part. It can range from rough to smooth, depending on the requirements of the final product. As one of leading companies for CNC machining in Missouri, LeVic Plastics knows that achieving the right finish is essential for both aesthetics and functionality.


Missouri Manufacturing Standards

For those in Missouri, understanding the specific manufacturing standards and regulations in the state is essential. Familiarize yourself with industry standards, safety guidelines, and any local regulations that may apply to CNC machining in Missouri.


Quality Control for CNC Machining in Missouri

Quality control is a fundamental aspect of CNC machining in Missouri. It involves rigorous inspections and measurements to ensure that the machined parts meet the specified standards. High-quality control practices are essential for delivering reliable and consistent results.


Operator Skills

Our staff at LeVic knows that CNC machines are incredibly capable. However, the skills of the operator play a significant role in the machining process. Skilled CNC operators can optimize toolpaths and troubleshoot common production issues. At LeVic Plastics, our operators are also responsible for fine-tuning the machining parameters for the best outcomes. Operators should be finely tuned in a wide variety of tooling services in Missouri if they wish to have success at CNC machining.



In the modern manufacturing landscape, LeVic Plastics knows that sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Have you ever considered how CNC machining can contribute to sustainable practices? CNC machining helps minimize waste and optimize material usage. The process also results in reduced energy consumption.


LeVic Plastics: Your Source for CNC Machining in Missouri

Are you ready to embark on your next project involving CNC machining in Missouri? We hope so! And if you are ready, let LeVic Plastics assist you! Our team of experts at LeVic Plastics fully understands the intricacies of CNC machining. You can rest assured that each professional is  committed to delivering high-quality parts .

Any education in the CNC machining world will empower you to make informed decisions. It will also help you collaborate with others effectively. At LeVic Plastics, we believe that knowledge is the first step toward success in the world of CNC machining.


CNC Machining in Missouri


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