CNC machining in Kansas City

If you have recently started with CNC machining in Kansas City, no doubt you are excited to see what creations you can come up with. If you are not very familiar with CNC, it is always best to start with a small project while you are still getting comfortable operating the machine. Once you know what your first project will be, here are a few pointers from LeVic Plastics, one of the leaders when it comes to CNC machining in Missouri.

  • Get Some Cutters and Drills
  • Get Some High-Quality Clamps
  • Coolant
  • Start with Basic Materials

Get Some Cutters and Drills

You will find it beneficial to get some high-quality cutters to help eliminate problems from the beginning. When you are first getting familiar with CNC machining in Kansas City, you may have the urge to use carbide, but it might be wise to stick to HSS at first because it is less expensive and more forgiving.

Many beginners find it helpful to have a wide array of twist drills available to them. If you can find them on sale, be sure to stock up as they do eventually break.

CNC machining in Kansas City

Get Some High-Quality Clamps

Although they can be a bit pricey, vises are a crucial component when it comes to CNC machining in Missouri. Vises typically last for many years and play a vital role in holding workpieces steady while cuts and modifications are made. If you decide to cut corners and get low-grade clamps, your workpieces will be more likely to shift during production and could end up being produced inaccurately.


If your machine is not equipped with coolant, you should look into adding some type of misting setup. Add some coolant such as KoolMist to your arrangement to help bring your workpieces down to a more manageable temperature after the final cuts are made. Once the pieces have cooled, they can be easily handled again.

Start with Basic Materials

Once you have your CNC machine set up, it is time to begin making cuts. Certain materials are more difficult to work with than others, so when you are first becoming familiar with your machine, it is recommended that you use less expensive products like aluminum, brass, plastics, or wood. Using these materials, you can practice making cuts and designing prototypes until you are ready to upgrade to metal. From there, use your own judgment to determine if you are ready to move on to steel or tougher materials.

CNC machining in Kansas City

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