custom injection molding in Missouri

When the design process is over, and it is time to start production for a project involving custom injection molding in Missouri, it may seem a bit overwhelming. However, with the right knowledge and some attention to detail, you can get production going in a positive direction immediately.

Injection molding is widely regarded as the most effective way to manufacture products and parts that are made of plastic components. There are some important areas to pay special attention to when you begin plastic injection molding services in Missouri, and we have listed a few of those in this article below.

Choose the Right Tool

Many times, custom plastic injection molding in Missouri is used to process parts or products at an extremely high volume. For extremely high orders, parts will be shaped using a steel mold due to its durability under constant stress and pressure. Be sure to invest plenty of resources in choosing the correct tool for a large project undertaking. Steel tooling has the durability to support a significant amount of cavities, which means more parts can be crafted per shot while handling the most complex shapes and surface finishes.

custom injection molding in Missouri

Which Thermoplastic is Best for My Project?

There are numerous options when it comes to the right plastic for injection molding assembly in Missouri. Three of the most common choices of thermoplastics are:

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) – ABS is known for its reasonable costs, strength, toughness, and can easily be painted to different colors. Legos are a great example of ABS plastics.

Acrylic – This is an ideal choice for a plastic part that will constantly be exposed to UV rays outside. LED bulb enclosures are a common part that’s made from acrylic.

Polypropylene (PP) – Used for auto interiors, food storage containers, and patio furniture, PP is an affordable plastic known for stiffness, clarity, and heat resistance.

custom injection molding in Missouri

Adjusting the Design for Better Moldability

Many designs are initially created using 3D printing, so you may need to make the necessary adjustments to ensure it can be shaped using custom injection molding in Missouri. Adjusting the design is critical so that resin can flow into the mold freely, cool evenly, and lower the risk of any defects like knit lines, warping, flash, and sink.

custom injection molding in Missouri

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