CNC Machining In Missouri

Many projects that involve plastics engineering rely heavily on CNC machining in Missouri. One of the most common types of CNC machining is through a method called milling. There are two main types of milling machines used to shape and design plastic parts: horizontal mills & vertical mills.

In this article, we will explain the differences between the two types of mills and the different types of parts and products that are best suited for these two machines. After reading this, we hope you will have a better understanding of whether horizontal mills or vertical mills will be a good option for your next production run.

CNC Machining In Missouri

CNC Machining in Kansas City Using Vertical Milling Machines

A vertical milling machine is one of the most commonly used machines for customizing plastic parts. Vertical mills have a vertically oriented spindle that holds a rotating cutting tool against the workpiece. The spindle will keep moving vertically along the Y-axis, which differs from many other machines that shift along the X-axis or sometimes even the Z-axis to move the workpiece to the ideal position.

CNC Machining in Kansas City Using Horizontal Milling Machines

A horizontal milling machine also features a rotating spindle, but where it differs from a vertical mill is the spindle is mounted horizontally above the bed. A saw blade or a grinder is used as the cutting tool on a horizontal mill and will move along the length of the spindle. This allows the mill to remove material along the workpiece and finish the entire surface. A horizontal mill can be just as versatile as a vertical mill when it is combined with a rotary table.

How do You Choose Between the Vertical and Horizontal Mills?

Both types of milling have their advantages, so the ultimate decision comes down to what type of milling is necessary. The workpiece’s shape and size will play an important factor in your final decision. Heavier workpieces that require work on multiple sides seem to benefit more from horizontal milling. On the other hand, sinking dies seem to make more sense for vertical mills. In the end, many items can be manufactured and customized using either a vertical or a horizontal mill as long the proper techniques are used.

CNC Machining In Missouri

Horizontal and vertical milling both utilize CNC machining in Missouri to make the milling process more automated. This helps add more fine control for projects where lots of exact repetition is necessary. Milling can also be modified by using add-on parts and cutting heads to add more customization to both horizontal and vertical milling. Add-on parts can be a huge benefit to smaller shops that don’t have the capacity to add a wide variety of tooling services in Kansas City.

CNC Machining In Missouri

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