CNC Machining in Kansas City


In the realm of modern manufacturing, our team at LeVic Plastics knows that the role of CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines is pivotal. CNC machining in Kansas City has revolutionized the way components are produced, offering precision, efficiency, and versatility. For those entering the world of manufacturing or seeking insights into the operation of CNC machines in Kansas City, understanding the basics is crucial.

In this blog, our team at LeVic Plastics will provide an entry-level overview of operating a CNC machine. We’ll explore its fundamental principles and the key components involved. Then we’ll explain the step-by-step process that transforms digital designs into precision-engineered parts.


Understanding CNC Machining in Kansas City: A Brief Overview from LeVic Plastics


What is CNC Machining in Kansas City?

CNC machining in KC is a manufacturing process that utilizes computer-controlled machines to execute precise and automated operations on raw materials. These machines – often referred to as CNC machines or CNC machining centers – follow G-codes or digital instructions. G-codes perform a wide range of operations, including cutting and milling. Drilling and shaping are also commonly done using G-codes.


Key Components of a CNC Machine:

Controller: This is the brain of the CNC machine. The controller interprets the G-code instructions and translates them into specific movements and actions.

Drive System: This system consists of motors and drive mechanisms that physically move the machine’s components, such as the cutting tool or the workpiece.

Tooling: Various cutting tools, such as end mills, drills, and routers, are mounted on the machine’s spindle to perform specific operations on the material.

Workholding: The workpiece, or raw material, is securely held in place during machining using fixtures, clamps, or vises.

Coolant System: CNC machines often use a coolant system to dissipate heat generated during machining and to lubricate the cutting tools.


LeVic Plastics Describes the Step-by-Step Process of CNC Machining in Kansas:

Design and Programming: At LeVic Plastics, we know the journey of operating a CNC machine begins with the creation of a digital model of the desired component. This is typically done using computer-aided design (CAD) software. Once the design is complete, the next step is programming.

Generate G-code: The CAD model is translated into G-code, a set of instructions that tells the CNC machine how to move. The G-code also tells the CNC machine how to rotate and operate the cutting tools. At LeVic Plastics, we know that each line of G-code corresponds to a specific action, such as moving the cutting tool to a particular position or adjusting its speed.

Toolpath Planning: The programmer defines the toolpath, which is the trajectory that the cutting tool will follow to shape the material. This involves selecting the most efficient route to achieve the desired geometry.


CNC Machining in Kansas City


Setting Everything Up for CNC Machining in Kansas City:

Material Selection: Choose the appropriate material for the workpiece based on the component’s requirements. Common materials for CNC machining in Kansas include metals, plastics, and composites.

Workpiece Mounting: Securely fix the workpiece to the machine’s worktable using clamps, vises, or other fixtures. Proper workpiece alignment is crucial for accurate machining.

Tool Selection: Choose the cutting tools needed for the specific operations outlined in the G-code. Different tools are used for tasks like roughing, finishing, drilling, and contouring.

Tool Loading: Install the selected tools into the machine’s spindle and secure them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Establish the Origin: Define the work coordinate system (WCS) by setting the origin point (zero point) on the workpiece. This is the reference point for all subsequent movements.

Loading the Program: Transfer the G-code program to the CNC machine. Our team at LeVic Plastics knows that this is often done using external storage devices. Common storage devices include USB drives, or through a direct connection to a computer.

Machine Warm-Up and Homing: Before starting the actual process of CNC machining in Kansas City, the CNC machine undergoes a warm-up routine. This involves moving the various axes to their limit switches to establish the home position. This step ensures that the machine is calibrated and ready for accurate operations.


Running the Programs for CNC Machining in Kansas City:

With the setup complete, it’s time to execute the G-code program.

Dry Run: Before cutting into the actual workpiece, machinists often perform a dry run. This involves running the program without the cutting tools engaging with the material. It helps verify that the toolpaths are correct and that there are no collisions.

Actual Machining: Once the dry run is successful, the CNC machine proceeds with the actual machining process. The cutting tools engage with the material based on the programmed instructions, gradually shaping it into the desired form.

Monitoring and Adjustments: Throughout the process of CNC machining in Kansas City, operators will monitor the machine’s performance. They may make real-time adjustments to parameters such as feed rate, spindle speed, and tool changes to optimize efficiency and ensure quality.


Quality Control for CNC Machining in Kansas:

After the machine is complete, the machined component undergoes quality control checks. This may involve measuring dimensions, inspecting surface finishes, and ensuring that the final product meets the specified tolerances.


Unloading the Workpiece:

Once the machining and quality control processes are satisfactory, the finished workpiece is unmounted from the machine’s worktable. Depending on the complexity of the project, additional post-processing steps may be required, such as deburring or surface treatment.


CNC Machining in Kansas City


Common Operations for CNC Machining in Kansas City:

CNC machining in Kansas encompasses a variety of operations, each tailored to achieve specific outcomes. Here are some common CNC machining operations:

Milling: Involves rotating a cutting tool to remove material from the workpiece, creating flat or contoured surfaces.

Turning: Rotates the workpiece while a stationary cutting tool removes material, typically used for cylindrical components.

Drilling: Creates holes in the workpiece using a rotating drill bit.

Boring: Enlarges existing holes or creates internal features using specialized cutting tools.

Tapping: Threads holes by cutting spiraled grooves into the internal surface.

Routing: Removes material from the perimeter of the workpiece, often used in woodworking and composite materials.

Grinding: Achieves fine surface finishes by using abrasive wheels to remove material.

Laser Cutting: Utilizes a laser beam to cut through materials with high precision.


Advantages of CNC Machining in Kansas City:

Precision: CNC machining in KC offers high levels of accuracy, repeatability, and consistency.

Efficiency: The automated nature of Kansas City CNC machining reduces production time and increases efficiency.

Versatility: CNC machines can work with a wide range of materials and perform various operations.

Complex Geometries: Intricate and complex shapes can be achieved with precision.

Cost-Effectiveness: Once programmed, CNC machines can produce large quantities without a significant increase in cost.

Customization: Well-suited for producing customized and low-volume components.


The Challenges and Considerations of CNC Machining in Kansas:

While CNC machining in Kansas City is a powerful and versatile manufacturing process, there are certain challenges and considerations to keep in mind:

Programming Complexity: Creating accurate and efficient G-code programs requires expertise and experience.

Initial Setup Time: Setting up a CNC machine for a new project can be time-consuming.

Machine Maintenance: Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure the accuracy and longevity of CNC machines.

Material Selection: Choosing the right material for the workpiece is essential for achieving desired results.

Tool Wear: Cutting tools undergo wear over time, requiring periodic replacement and re-sharpening.


LeVic Plastics and CNC Machining Excellence in Kansas:

At LeVic Plastics in Kansas City, we know that our CNC machining processes show our commitment to delivering precision-engineered components. We only use state-of-the-art CNC machines that are operated by skilled Kansas City professionals. This combination forms the backbone of our production.


Key Features of CNC Machining in Kansas City at LeVic Plastics:

Advanced Technology: At LeVic Plastics, we invest in cutting-edge CNC machining technology. This helps us ensure precision and efficiency in our processes.

Material Expertise: Our LeVic team possesses a deep knowledge of various materials. Being educated at our craft allows us to select the right materials for each project.

Quality Assurance: LeVic Plastics uses the most stringent quality control measures are implemented throughout the machining process to guarantee that components meet or exceed industry standards.

Customization: We specialize in providing customized solutions at LeVic Plastics. Our staff tailors our CNC machining capabilities to meet the unique requirements of each client.

Collaboration and Innovation: LeVic’s collaborative approach involves working closely with clients to drive innovation, optimize designs, and find cost-effective solutions.

Timely Delivery: We understand the importance of timely delivery at LeVic Plastics. Our efficient CNC machining processes contribute to quick turnaround times for our clients.



As we conclude this entry-level overview of operating a CNC machine, it’s evident that CNC machining in Kansas City is not just a manufacturing process at LeVic Plastics. In fact, it’s more like a gateway to unlocking possibilities. Whether shaping components for aerospace advancements, automotive innovations, medical breakthroughs, or technological marvels, CNC machining stands as a beacon of precision and efficiency.

Understanding the fundamentals of CNC machining in Kansas City is a valuable first step. LeVic Plastics, with its expertise in CNC machining, is the right choice for your manufacturing projects.

As technology continues to advance, CNC machining will continue to evolve. The collaboration between human ingenuity and automated precision will undoubtedly shape the future of manufacturing.


CNC Machining in Kansas City


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