Custom Plastic Injection Molding In Missouri

As one of the leaders in custom plastic injection molding in Missouri, our team at LeVic Plastics knows that any plastic part or plastic product can be affected by its surroundings. Some plastics are very durable and can withstand heavy impact. Other plastics are more flexible and will bend but have a lower chance of breaking.  

Whether a part or a product is made using CNC machining or injection molding assembly in Missouri, each type of plastic has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, one thing that can strongly affect plastic parts or products is the temperature they are constantly exposed to. This article will explain the lasting impact that temperature can have on plastics of any shape or size.  

Extreme Heat

When plastics are constantly exposed to high temperatures, they will eventually lose their strength and toughness. Whether a plastic part or product is made using steel molds or CNC machining in Missouri, plastics are bound to break down if they are not regularly removed from areas of high heat. 

Custom Plastic Injection Molding In Missouri

Materials that are exposed to high heat for extended periods of time will wear down much quicker than materials exposed to moderate temperatures. As one of the leaders for custom plastic injection molding in MissouriLeVic Plastics knows that plastics can wear down in extreme heat because they are good insulators. An effective insulator traps heat so that it has nowhere to go. This makes the heat more likely to melt or deform a plastic object. 

Does Boiling Water Melt Plastic? 

As many of us know, water boils at 100 degrees Celsius, which is equal to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Although plastic will not melt in boiling water, its overall quality can be diminished when exposed to such extreme elements.  

According to companies specializing at injection molding secondary operations in Missouri, plastic can become much softer and form strange shapes when exposed to boiling water. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you avoid using plastic products in boiling water. 

Custom Plastic Injection Molding In Missouri

Can Extreme Cold Affect Plastic? 

Once plastics are exposed to freezing temperatures, they become much more vulnerable to damage or breaking down completely. Freezing temperatures are when it reaches 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. If a plastic part or product is constantly exposed to these elements, its molecular levels will change, which makes the plastic much more brittle. To prevent damage during extreme cold, plasticizers can be used to reduce molecular changes while increasing flexibility and elasticity. 

Custom Plastic Injection Molding In Missouri

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