LeVic Plastics has many years of service in plastic molding. We want to help our audience gain a better understanding about what it is we do exactly, and that could become a confusing process. Our job as the best in custom plastic injection molding is to educate our audience in understanding how our work can be used across the board. The goal of LeVic Plastics is to help those who need our services, and then assist them in using our services.  In this article we are going to explore overmolding and its purpose. Join us in exploring the wonderful world of plastics and how this process works.  

Plastic Injection Molding

Overmolding in Kansas City is one of our specialties at LeVic plastics. It is the process of taking a part and using plastic injection molding in Missouri to add additional layers over the current part. With overmolding, you essentially take two different plastics and combine them into one part. Traditionally, overmolding starts with injection molding a hard plastic resin that has a higher melting point. Then, once that part is cooled, another plastic resin is injection molded over the first part. Usually this is to create a grip or accents on the original part. 


Like any other method, overmolding in Missouri is not without its limits. One consideration in this process is that the two materials must be compatible, chemically, and thermally. Since the first piece is put back into a custom plastic injection mold in Kansas City, it is important that the first piece can withstand the temperature needed to melt the second material. Also, you will need to make sure the two resins don’t react to each other. That can cause the over mold to fall apart.  Finally, overmolding in Kansas City is not a straightforward injection molding process like making a part out of a single material. A high level of experience is required to successfully accomplish the overmolding process. This is a process we do well. In our many years of experience in plastic injection molding in Missouri, we’ve successfully completed numerous overmolding projects for our customers. 

Overmolding services in Missouri is not as complicated of a process as it may have seemed in the beginning. If you or your business could use our work in the world of plastics, give LeVic Plastics a call today to discuss your future project. Our team of qualified staff is prepared to get started on a plan for you as soon as possible. Contact us here or at (816) 761-8484.