Nowadays, the plastic molding industry is ever-growing. Plastic is used to make just about anything and everything. However, not every piece of plastic is made (or molded) the same way. There are many different types of plastic molding that people use depending on what is being made. The following are just three of them – rotational, blow, and injection. 

Rotational Molding 

Rotational molding, or rotomolding, is a process that produces large hollow plastic parts, such as tanks. It involves placing a polymer powder into a metal mold and then rotating it under high temperatures to form the desired shape. The continual rotation causes the mold to eventually cool and form an even-walled component. 

This plastic molding process is a cost-effective option and produces very little waste. Any leftover waste can be re-used, which also makes it an environmentally friendly manufacturing process.   

Uses for Rotational Molding include: 

  • Storage tanks 
  • Playground slides 
  • Recycling bins 
  • Road cones 
  • Marine buoys 
  • Bulk containers 

Bi Axial Rotational Molding Machinery

Blow Molding 

Similar to rotational molding, blow molding is also a process that makes hollow plastic parts. However, instead of large products like tanks, it produces thin-walled products. Blow molding consists of heating a mass of plastic and inflating it with air (like a balloon) until it fills the mold and is blown into its desired shape. Once the product cools and hardens, it then gets ejected. 

The entire blow molding process typically takes less than two minutes, which makes it ideal for mass production. 

Common products produced by Blow Molding include: 

  • Plastic bottles 
  • Fuel tanks 
  • Plastic drums 
  • Watering cans 
  • Traffic cones 

blow molding

Injection Molding 

Out of all the different types of plastic molding, custom plastic injection molding is one of the most versatile options available. This process involves injecting molten plastic into a metal mold with cavities. When the plastic is injected, it fills the cavities and the rest of the mold to create the final product. 

Here at LeVic Plastics, where we specialize in custom plastic injection molding in Missouri, we love the process of injection molding. It can be used to create everything from large automotive pieces to small plastic bottle caps. Additionally, this molding process allows for a high degree of customization, allowing designers and engineers to develop unique parts to meet their specific needs.  

Best uses for custom injection molding: 

  • Surgical/medical devices 
  • Electrical switches 
  • Automotive dashboards/bumpers 
  • Plastic bottle caps 

injection molding machine

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