Custom Plastic Injection Molding In Missouri

Custom plastic injection molding in Missouri has sure come a long way over the years. The process of injection molding is used to help create many of the parts and products we use today. But where did injection molding get its beginning? And what were the first items to be created using injection molding?

This article will give you a brief history of the process, and how we got to where we are today with custom injection molding in Missouri. During this journey down memory lane, you’ll see just how far technology has progressed when it comes to custom plastic injection molding in Missouri and see where many think injection molding will be in the future.

The 1870s

The first known molding machine was created by John and Isaiah Hyatt, who were inventors trying to find their next breakthrough. The first machine was pretty basic, especially compared to the machines of today. Its functions were to mold buttons, combs, and other small items.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding In Missouri

It was a very simple machine at first, but the injection mold process was later improved by German scientists. They discovered that using soluble forms of cellulose acetate was less flammable than the current methods.

The 1930s

As the years passed, many difficulties were happening all over the world. But in the 1930s, the plastics injury made a major breakthrough. During this time, many of the most popular plastics that we use today were invented. Those included: polystyrene, polyolefins, and polyvinyl chloride to name a few.

After World War II

While many of our nation’s resources were used to manufacture weapons and supplies for World War II, it left numerous industries struggling to tread water. Materials like rubber were in short supply, so many people looked for a less expensive alternative, so they turned to plastic.

Custom plastic injection molding stayed afloat due to high demand, mainly because it was so cost-effective. People who needed large-scale production were turning to custom plastic injection molding in Missouri, Kansas, and just about every other state in the country.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding In Missouri

The Next Big Step for Injection Molding

An American inventor, James Watson Hendry, began searching for ways to improve the injection molding process. Although the current methods were working well, he thought there was a way to gain greater control of the injection process. That’s why he developed the extrusion screw injection machine. It was a big hit and helped created better quality plastic parts.

The Future of Custom Injection Molding in Missouri

Although it’s unclear what the next big advancement will be for custom plastic injection molds in Missouri, one thing is certain – injection molding is here to stay. Even though it may evolve into a more advanced process in the future, the core of injection molding is too essential to so many industries. It is safe to say that injection molding will be around for many years to come.

Custom Plastic Injection Molding In Missouri

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