CNC Machining In Kansas City

CNC machining in Kansas City plays an important role in accurately and efficiently constructing parts and products we use. The process of CNC machining can take years to master as CNC operators must learn to use several different tools to complete each job.

Although there are many tools that are used for CNC machining in Missouri, there are a handful of basic machines that a CNC operator should be the most familiar with. This article will describe these popular CNC tools more in-depth so you can get a better understanding on their purpose during the CNC process.

  • Plasma Cutters
  • 3D Printer
  • Lathe
  • Router
  • Milling Machine
  • Pick and Place Machine

Plasma Cutters

One of the most powerful pieces of equipment used for CNC machining in Kansas City is a plasma cutter. This highly sophisticated device uses lasers to cut specific shapes or designs. These cuts are typically done on a sheet or a plate.

3D Printer

We are seeing 3D printers used more and more in different industries, and they continue to be a staple for CNC machining in Missouri. During CNC machining, a 3D printer can use a program to tell it where to specifically lay down small sections of material to create a certain shape. A 3D printer can help create parts or products layer by layer using a laser to solidify the workpiece.

CNC Machining In Kansas City


A lathe will take the workpiece and continuously turn it while moving the cutting tool as needed. Most lathes are dual-axis lathes, but if the cuts are more complex, more axes can be added if necessary.

Parts or products are shaped by rotating on a spindle and being pressed against a tool to create the proper design. Lathes are most commonly used for tooling services in Kansas City when making rounded objects like spheres, cylinders, or cones.

Milling Machine

CNC milling machines can come in various sizes and have the ability to run on multiple axes. They use lead screws and handwheels to navigate the cutting tool accurately on a workpiece. Shaping products and parts using a milling machine is a highly detailed process that involves ball screws and pre-programmed coordinates to help achieve the exact results.

CNC Machining In Kansas City


For cuts of larger dimensions, a router might be the best option for CNC machining. Routers make accurate and efficient cuts on workpieces made of wood, metal, plastics, and sheets. Many routers are capable of cutting in three dimensions, depending on how many axes they have. However, for more complex shapes, you may need to upgrade to a 6-axis machine.

Pick and Place Machine

A pick and place machine should not be confused with a router, even though it serves a similar function. These machines do not cut the material from the workpiece, but instead, act as a vacuum to pick up small pieces and move them to the proper location.

CNC Machining In Kansas City

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