The progress that CNC machining in Missouri has made over the years is pretty remarkable.  Just like with any new method of manufacturing, it’s pretty neat to see where we were and how far we have come.  Some of the most significant innovations for CNC machining started in the 1890s and have evolved over time.

In this article, we will look at the inventions that really got CNC machining up and running.  These inventions helped make CNC machining one of the most popular tooling services in Missouri and throughout the country.

Punch Cards

The invention that laid the groundwork for CNC machining in Missouri was the development of punch cards in the 1890s.  An engineer at MIT, Herman Hollerith, began experimenting with the CNC machining process to make punch cards in order to complete the U.S. census.  It proved to be a very successful invention, and it led to more opportunities in the future.

CNC machining in Missouri

Hollerith started a business that sold the 1890s version of CNC machines and his punch card technology.  This would later evolve into a company very familiar to many of us, IBM.  The punch card is widely regarded as the beginning of modern computer data storage and help turn IBM into one of the most successful companies in the 1900s.

Magnetic Tape

Developed by German inventors in the 1920s, magnetic tape was created using oxide bonded with a polymer.  This invention was created to record magnetic signals as well as send and store classified data.  The U.S. eventually gained access to this technology and used it to develop their own version of recording devices.

CNC machining in Missouri

The initial invention of magnetic tape allowed large amounts of data to be moved and, over time, has led to the creation of optical discs and flash drives today.  Although moving a large file is something we might take for granted today, it was a significant invention almost 100 years ago, thanks to CNC machines.  CNC machining in Missouri would not be where it is today without this invention.

CNC machining in Missouri

Tooling services in Missouri have come a long way over the years, like CNC machining.  Some of the other efficient, high-quality manufacturing methods used today include EDM machining in Missouri, overmolding, injection molding, and injection molding assembly in Missouri.   At Levic Plastics, we make the highest quality parts using all of these methods and more.

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