At LeVic Plastics, various methods used to complete a given project, that includes overmolding services in Kansas City.  The average person may not be familiar with the term overmolding, so this article will help explain the benefits of using this method for your next project.

The process of overmolding is essentially custom injection molding in Kansas City, where one plastic is molded over the top of another material.  Typically, the plastic is comprised of a rubbery material.  It is then molded over the top of another plastic part that was made using custom plastic injection molding in Kansas City.

There are many common uses for overmolding to help enhance items.  Below we’ll explain some of the most popular ways overmolding can improve objects.

overmolding services in Kansas City

Better Grip

Any item with a handle can benefit from a way to enhance the grip.  Overmolding services play a key role in improving grip, especially in wet conditions.  Many kitchen utensils, nozzles, power tools, and even pistols utilize overmolding services in Kansas City to ensure users keep a firm hold on items and decrease the risk of slips, drops, and breaks.

Add More Comfort

Grip material is injection overmolded, which means it can easily be formed into specific shapes to fit just about any item.  Overmolding can be great for designs meant to be ergonomic-friendly and add just another layer of comfort.  Some popular examples of overmolding adding comfort to an item are grips on handlebars for bicycles, motorcycles, and various all-terrain vehicles.

overmolding services in Kansas City

Water-Resistant Seals

Electronics must be protected from liquid to ensure that they stay in good working order.  Overmolding services in Kansas City can create a water-resistant barrier that keeps critical electronic components dry for many different products.

There are some items that need to be protected from liquid damage while still having the freedom to keep moving.  Flexible protective barriers can be made with overmolding services that have the elasticity to adjust to items that need to move continuously.

Absorbs Sound

Custom plastic injection molds in Kansas City and overmolding can play a pivotal role in eliminating or reducing sound for a given item.  A flexible plastic case can be designed to fit around a noisy item to absorb excessive sound.  Overmolding the case will help decrease the sound even more significantly.

overmolding services in Kansas City

If you are looking for a Kansas City company to help you from the design phase, the molding, the overmolding, and all the other steps along the way, contact our team at LeVic Plastics.  No matter the size of your project, we can handle the largest quantities or even the most limited production runs in Kansas City.

You can get a free quote online, or you can call us at (800) 231-1232 to get started.  We look forward to hearing from you.