CNC Machining

Plastic injection molding services in Missouri are made up of a variety of different machines and services. LeVic Plastics has many different types of methods to give you the ultimate choice and variety when it comes to your final project. In this article you will join the best in custom plastic injection molds with exploring what CNC machining in Missouri is and how it factors into the plastics industry.  

By definition, CNC machining in Missouri is a manufacturing project where a computer software dictates the movement of tools for three dimensional cutting tasks and projects. When it comes to custom plastic injection molding there are typically three basic types of CNC machining: Milling, Turning, and EDM. Each of these methods have their own pros and cons, as well as an intended use for each project.  

When thinking about using this method, it is important to evaluate all aspects of the process. Let us explore a few benefits of this method through the rest of this article. 

CNC method is a high-efficient method. It requires fewer steps, therefore being more time and cost efficient. This method is also very precise than manual machining, and therefore it can be repeated many times over again. If it is a larger project with multiple products in the end, this can be very beneficial to the time spent on the project. Used with very advanced CAD software, CNC methods have the ability to recreate multiple functions that cannot be done by hand or manual machining. 

Each method used in insert molding services has its pros and cons. When exploring your options, it is important to examine each aspect and how it could impact the end result of your project. However, like many things, it is often best to leave it to the professionals. If you are ready to dive into your next plastics project, call the experts at LeVic Plastics today!