Plastics Industry

With each industry comes its own challenges. Contractors run into problematic building issues, restaurants run into quality control with their food, and the plastics industry runs into machine defects. It does not mean our work is flawed, instead it means we have learned about the defects and how to prevent them. Explore this article for two common defects in custom plastic injection moldings in Missouri coming from the best custom injection molding in Missouri. 


What can also be called burrs, a flash defect is when there is a protrusion on a finished part. It is a result of a thin piece of resin that left the mold cavity and set on the outside of the custom plastic injection mold. This defect can be caused by multiple things such as too high pressure or speed at which the resin is injected. Temperature can also play a part and excessive heat could be the guilty party of this defect.  


This is one of the simplest defects to be seen by the naked eye. This defect is when the end result becomes a color that was not the intended choice. Also caused by a variety of things, this defect could have been a result of many small flaws. Remaining resin pellets, mold temperature, or a jam in the hopper could all be the reason for this disheartening defect. It can easily be fixed by a quick clean and examination of machines before the next run on injection molding assembly. 

These two defects are common amongst the plastics industry for those who specialize in custom plastic injection molding in Missouri. However, our time spent in the industry has helped us avoid these problems and understand how to avoid them. There is no panic for us while performing our plastic injection molding services in Missouri, our expertise in the field gives us confidence in our work. If you are ready to start your next custom plastic injection mold in Missouri project, give the experts at LeVic Plastics a call today!