When you want to complete a project within the custom plastic injection molding industry, you will find you have two options for machining – CNC and EDM machining. Both of these are some of the most common and important tools used in manufacturing. As a company that specializes in CNC machining in Missouri, we are here to discuss some reasons as to why you should consider CNC machining for your next project.  

CNC Machining in Kansas City

What is CNC Machining? 

CNC stands for computer numerical control. This is a fancy way of referring to a machine that is controlled by a set of pre-programmed instructions that was created with a computer. When a CNC machine is in use, the desired cuts are programmed into the computer software, dictating the movements of corresponding tools and machinery. 


There are a few CNC machining processes available: 

  • CNC Mills – features 2-6 axes and can use multiple tools to shape a product 
  • Lathes  used in the turning process and shapes products at high rotation speeds 
  • Water Jet Cutters – ideal for cutting hard material like metal and stone and materials that don’t do well under heat-intensive processes 
  • Plasma Cutters – this process cuts primarily metal materials with a plasma torch 
  • Electric Discharge Machines – molds form pieces into specific shapes with electrical sparks 


Why You Should Consider CNC Machining 

CNC machining makes it possible to pre-program the functions of a machine tool and have them run via software, all without the need for a human operator. Additionally, these machines can perform a number of manufacturing tasks and are ideal for many production jobs. For instance, products that require extreme precision and detail are excellent candidates for CNC machining due to its accuracy. These machines can also perform within minutes, which means it won’t take hours or days to complete a project. 


Other tools and components used within CNC machining include: 

  • Wood routers 
  • Glass cutters 
  • 3D printers Laser cutters 
  • Foam cutters 
  • Embroidery machines 
  • Turret punchers 
  • Wire-bending machines 
  • Ultrasonic welding 


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