As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the world, people are still trying to find ways to stop the spread. One industry in particular that has been thriving during this time is the plastic injection molding industry. There are many benefits of plastic during the COVID-19 era, as plastic makes it possible to stay safe from germs 

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Plastic Helps Stop the Spread of Germs 

Over the past few months, businesses, schools, and organizations have installed clear, plastic barriers around places where maintaining a six-feet distance isn’t possible. Such places include cash registers, reception areas, and desks. These plastic barriers are typically made from acrylic or polycarbonate, which is efficient at blocking respiratory droplets from reaching others. 

In addition to these barriers, many people have chosen to wear plastic face shields over traditional masks. These kinds of shields are much more comfortable and keep the wearer safe from breathing in germs from those around them. Plastic shields are also very beneficial for those in the deaf community, as they are transparent and allow a person to read lips and communicate much more easily. 

Plastic is Durable 

There’s a reason why those barriers around public spaces are made of plastic and not another material, like glass. As we mentioned, plastic is made of acrylic and polycarbonate materials, which are much better options for providing protection against respiratory droplets. Plastic is lightweight, shatter-resistant, and easy to clean. 

Plastic is Easy to Manufacture  

Unlike surgical and N95 masks, plastic is very easy to manufacture. For instance, our custom plastic injection molds in Kansas City make it efficient to manufacture large quantities of plastic products, like shields and barriers. Additionally, we can accommodate large and limited production runs of all shapes and sizes in a matter of time. 

Contact LeVic Plastics For Custom Plastic Injection Molds 

The team at LeVic Plastics has years of experience in plastic injection molding and are prepared to tackle any request you have. Our process has been perfected throughout the years to give our customers the highest quality results possible. Our mission is to provide large and limited productions runs in Kansas City at a fair price.  

With our in-house facilities, we can mold a variety of different types of inserts in our customer’s parts, as well as color match any shade for them. Whether it is a large job or minimal parts are needed, our team is ready to help guide you through the right process for your specific needs. 

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