LeVic Plastics has been a reliable source for quality parts since we were founded back in 1971.  One of the most significant steps to making parts is the mold.  You can go with the durability and strength of steel molds in Missouri.  Or another option that we highly recommend here at LeVic Plastics is aluminum molds in Missouri. 

There are significant benefits to using aluminum molds.  This article will explain some of the top reasons why aluminum molds are the right choice for your next project.

Products with short life cycles 

Although steel molds in Missouri are stronger than aluminum, it makes more sense to go with aluminum for specific products.  If the product has a short life cycle, then aluminum would be a more attractive option for your molds due to the molds being less expensive than steel, and they can be machined faster. 

Hard Coating 

Aluminum molds in Missouri can be substituted for steel for long production runs.  If the aluminum is “hard-coated,” it can add extra durability to the molds.  More and more manufacturers are choosing aluminum tooling services in Missouri. 

Hybrid Molds 

Another trend that is gaining steam in the manufacturing world is a hybrid mold.  These molds are a combination of both aluminum and steel.  These are also lower in cost than steel molds, and there is less time spent on manufacturing.  One example of a hybrid mold is a fender on an automobile.  The outwardfacing surface could be steel, while the other surfaces could be aluminum. 

Aluminum molds in Missouri

Automotive Companies 

Several auto companies have now turned to aluminum for injection molding.  This process is most commonly used for high volumes of select plastic parts.  There are more varieties of models and trim-changes for automobiles than in the past.  With increased tooling costs, aluminum is becoming a more popular option for molds. 


Aluminum molds in Missouri can be modified much more easily than steel.  The material is more flexible, thus making changes less timeconsuming.  Aluminum is also more cost-effective when it comes to limited production runs in Missouri. 


Most deliveries for aluminum molds are typically one-third to one-fourth of the price of standard molds.  That can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the end. 

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