Plastics are a staple in our world today, but where do they come from?  As a leader in custom plastic injection molds in MissouriLeVic Plastics has nearly 50 years of engineering experience.  So, we know exactly what makes up quality plastic products.  This article will cover the fine details when it comes to the core of plastic products. 

What is plastic made of?

Plastics are human-made, synthetic polymers that consist of long carbon chains, and some other elements.  A process known as “cracking” is when crude oil and gases are converted to monomers such as ethylene, propylene, and others.  These are then mixed with other chemicals to make the desired product.   

Items that can be added to make different layers of plastic are:

  • Phthalates – make PVC soft 
  • Butadiene – make plastic tougher 
  • Additional additives – bacteria, heat, light, color, and friction 


When it comes time to shape the plastic to the desired size for custom plastic injection molds in Missouri, the materials are cast, spun, fabricated, molded, extruded, or applied on another material as a layer of coating. 

custom plastic injection molds in Missouri


There are two distinct categories of plastics based on their chemical composition: Polymers and Heterochain Polymers.  


Polymers are a type of plastic that only has carbon atoms in their backbone chains.  They are used for many commodity plastics.  

Heterochain Polymers 

The second category of plastics is heterochain polymers.  These contain atoms such as nitrogen, oxygen, and sulfur in their backbone chains.  They also contain carbon.  Many engineering plastics are made up of heterochain polymers.  One example would be polycarbonate.   

custom plastic injection molds in Missouri

LeVic Plastics’ Promise to You 

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