CNC machining in Kansas City

As one of the leaders for CNC machining in Kansas City, LeVic Plastics knows that successful CNC milling operations require lots of detailed work in order to achieve the most accurate and consistent results.  In today’s article, we will discuss some of the most critical steps required to run a successful CNC milling operation.

Proper Planning

The most efficient milling operations (whether they’re taking on a large order or limited production runs in Kansas City) all start with proper planning before production begins.  Well-planned operations help avoid any confusion that may arise during production.

The type of material used for a project can play a significant factor in the entire CNC milling operation.  Base materials have certain features that require different operations, such as side milling, slot milling, or face milling.

CNC machining in Kansas City

Programming is Crucial

Quite possibly, the most critical step for CNC machining in Kansas City is programming.  CNC machining specialists should be familiar with CAM/CAD software, which is a requirement for many companies specializing in CNC operations.  Overall knowledge of program-generating techniques for CNC machining is another key component of programming.

Programmers have the responsibility of making the correct program based on part specifications and production types.  A helpful tip for novice programmers is to visualize how the program will be executed before programming is initiated.  The more practice a programmer or operator gets with tooling services in Kansas City, the more successful they will be in the future.

CNC machining in Kansas City

Knowing the Unit Inside and Out

Operators of CNC machining equipment must have a thorough understanding of how the equipment works.  They must follow manufacturers’ instructions at all times when operating a machine.

A good operator will know how their machine is set up, the many modes of the machine operation, and have a good understanding of their machine’s functional parameters.  CNC machine operators should also be able to apply standard troubleshooting techniques should any problems occur during production.

Accurate Measurements

All tooling services in Kansas City rely on precise measurements, and CNC machining in Kansas City is no different.  CNC personnel are responsible for knowing the various types of measuring tools and gauging instruments and their applications.  These personnel are also responsible for using the measuring tools correctly for all milling operations.

CNC machining in Kansas City

If your next project could benefit from the services of CNC machining, injection molding, or EDM machining in Kansas City, contact our team at LeVic Plastics.  You can request a free quote online, or you can give us a call at (800) 231-1232 to discuss all your concerns regarding your next project.