custom plastic injection molding in Kansas City

Custom plastic injection molding in Kansas City is one of the most prominent ways to manufacture parts for many different industries.  The process involves melting plastics and then using either steel or aluminum molds in Kansas City to shape the plastic into the desired size.

There are various thermoplastics that are used for plastic injection molding services in Kansas City.  This article will discuss some of the various thermoplastics that are most commonly used for the molding process and some of the products each type of thermoplastic is used to produce.


One thermoplastic that is widely used due to its toughness and wear resistance is polyamide.  The nylon material inside polyamide makes it a very versatile thermoplastic thanks to its level of electrical properties.  Nylon is a very stable material and is resistant to impact, chemicals, and abrasion.

Some of the products that feature polyamide are:

  • Auto Products
  • Medical Supplies and Products
  • Sports Equipment
  • Footwear and Apparel

custom plastic injection molding in Kansas City


One of the more flexible plastics used today is polypropylene.  It is known for having a very high melting point compared to other plastics, making it more resistant to cracks, stress, and heavy impact.  Polypropylene can also withstand liquid components well, such as water, detergents, or acids.

Manufacturers of food containers will regularly use polypropylene inside their custom plastic injection molds in Kansas City.  The biggest reason why polypropylene is a great choice for food containers is because this particular plastic does not allow chemicals to be released into the food.  Polypropylene is also common for items like utensils, area rugs, and car batteries just to name a few.

custom plastic injection molding in Kansas City


Items that need to be impact resistant and transparent are likely made using plastic injection molding services in Kansas City that feature polycarbonate plastics.  Bullet-proof glass is one of the most common uses for polycarbonate since the makeup of this particular plastic allows it to avoid cracks or breaks even when the material is significantly deformed.  Other products commonly made from polycarbonate include DVDs, lenses for eyeglasses or sunglasses, cell phones, and various automobile parts.

custom plastic injection molding in Kansas City

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