When it comes to plastic injection moldingin Kansas City, many people find themselves researching the differences to determine which process is right for their application. One of the most commonly researched processes are overmolding vs insert molding. As an industry leader resource for plastic injection molding in Missouri, we have covered the topic of overmolding vs insert molding to help you quickly and easily identify which process is best for your product. Join us in exploring the differences between these two methods and how they pertain to you as a consumer. 

Plastic Injection Molding in Kansas City


The first thing we want to look at is the process of overmolding and what it means. We have written an article about this topic and you can read it here! (https://www.levic.com/what-is-overmolding/Basically overmolding in Kansas City is a process that has many benefits and ways that can assist you and your business today. This process includes two or more materials being molded into one. 

Our team of experts at LeVic Plastics is prepared to help you with your next project in plastic molding. 

Insert Molding 

Next we want to look at insert molding. Insert Molding in Kansas City is when plastic is injected into the mold cavity and insert piece prior to molding. The end product is a single piece with the insert surrounded by the plastic. There are many benefits of this method including the ability to be cost effective and having a faster assembly process. 

These two methods are unique and perform different tasks. It is important to understand each process in order to find the best process for your upcoming project. Thankfully you do not have to make those choices on your own. LeVic Plastics is here to guide you through that process. Our team of experts at LeVic Plastics is prepared to help you with your next project in plastic molding. Call today at 816-761-8484 if you would like to discuss an upcoming project and how we can assist.