Education is important in every industry; however, some trades decide to keep it in the business with just educating their employees. That is not how we would like LeVic Plastics to work. As the best in custom plastic injection molds in Missouri, we want to make it part of our mission to educate our audience on our process. That also includes our lingo. Join us in exploring the practice of overmolding and how it influences our plastics industry. 


Overmolding in Missouri is a process that has many benefits and ways that can assist you and your business today. This process includes two or more materials being molded into one. The benefits of regular custom plastic injection molding in Missouri can be found in a blog topic here, however they vary from overmolding. Overmolding services in Missouri can ultimately be a more cost-effective method that can result in a high-quality product with minimal issues.  

Foreign materials such as adhesives and glues can be found leaving their trace in traditional methods sometimes, but that does not happen during the overmolding process. Our practices are closely monitored and edited to perfection through our years of services. This process can limit production times because of the way the mold is designed, as the second piece is molded right into the original piece. 

Overmolding services in Missouri is not as complicated of a process as it may have seemed in the beginning. If you or your business could use our work in the world of plastics, give LeVic Plastics a call today to discuss your future project. Our team of qualified staff is prepared to get started on a plan for you as soon as possible. Contact us here or at (816) 761-8484.