steel molds

The world of plastic injection molding in Missouri can be complicated and filled with many options. Just like exploring the candy aisle in the store, you must take time to consider each option and how they can benefit you. Our job at LeVic Plastics is to educate you on our process and what each of them mean. In this article we are going to explore the differences between steel and aluminum molds in Missouri. Join us in exploring the wonderful world of plastics and how these two molds can cause differences through our process. 

Steel molding in Missouri has many benefits. The first being its sustainability in high volumes. Molds you intend for high volume production runs are better set in steel moldings. It is much more durable and will honestly be the best bet for the project. Aluminum molds in Missouri also have a handful of benefits. When it comes to the cooling and heating times, you will find the best advantage with aluminum. These molds can heat and cool typically up to 7x faster than other options. Also, with these molds you will find it is much easier for modification and repairs. Steel molds are often too difficult to repair and more often than not a new mold is required. 

While the two can be very different from each other, they in fact can carry a lot of similarities as well. LeVic Plastics encourages you to learn more with us through our blogs, found here, and by using our work in plastic molding today. Contact our staff at (816) 761-8484 or here today to start discussing your upcoming project and how our team can help. We cannot wait to be a part of your next project and exploring through the world of custom plastic injection molding.