Custom Plastic Injection Molds In MissouriDuring the manufacturing of parts and products, it is important for the final workpiece to look precisely as it should. Not only is the appearance critical for each piece, but the texture can be just as crucial. When using custom plastic injection molds in Missouri, it is essential to determine ahead of time what the finish should look and feel like.

The ending finish can play a significant role in the overall cost of your project, so it is key to understand some of the factors you should consider before choosing the finish. In this article, we will cover some of the most important aspects of finishes for custom plastic injection molding in Missouri.

When are Surface Finishes Important?

The finish can affect the performance and the look of a specific part. When plastic is injected under pressure, it takes on the look and feel of the surface it is pressed against. If the surface is flat and smooth, the part will appear the same and take on a glossy look.

Meanwhile, a rough-looking surface will also feel more rugged and bumpy. Rough surfaces will scatter light in many directions and hide any imperfections on the outside of a molded part. The surface finish is critical for two reasons:

  1. Rougher Surfaces Create More Friction During Injection Molding Assembly in Missouri

Too much friction on a part can cause it to wear down more quickly. Excess wear can also lead to decreased performance. Also, products or parts with excess friction make them easier to grip. Handheld tools and manually operated levers are items where a textured surface is preferred.

  1. Surface Finish Effects Light

With transparent plastics, the surface must be extremely smooth to ensure that light passes through without any interruption. A prime example would be plastic lenses for eyeglasses. If the light is distorted and scattered through the lens, it is likely due to an uneven or rugged surface that needs to be corrected.

Custom Plastic Injection Molds In Missouri

The Different Surface Grades for Custom Plastic Injection Molding in Missouri

When determining the finish for a part, there are four different levels or grades to choose from. They are on levels from grades A thru D.

Grade A – the smoothest of all surfaces, the surface is smoothed using a diamond buffing process

Grade B – semi-gloss finish, the final result is created by using sandpaper

Grade C – the surface is quite rough and is formed by using sanding stones

Grade D – the least reflective of all grades, formed by blasting with glass beads and sand

What Grade Should You Choose?

Many who specialize in custom plastic injection molds in Missouri recommend choosing the lowest grade that will still meet your performance needs. Typically, molds tend to cost less when there is a lower amount of friction between the mold and the workpiece. So as long as the look and quality are still up to par, grade A is the most cost-effective type of finish.

Custom Plastic Injection Molds In Missouri

Now that you are familiar with the different types of finishes for plastic injection molding services in Missouri, contact LeVic Plastics to get started on your next project. Our team can help design and manufacture high-quality parts and products using various methods, including insert molding, injection molding, EDM machining, and CNC machining in Missouri.

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