custom injection molding in Missouri

The process of custom injection molding in Missouri can be rather complex. Engineers and experts work for years to become masters at this craft. Like most things, injection molding requires the proper training and experience in order to be successful.

Although it is a complex process to master, custom plastic injection molding in Missouri can be explained to a novice more clearly by providing a condensed description of the process. So here are the six basic steps of the plastic injection molding process.

  • Closing the Mold
  • The Injection Process
  • Allow Time to Cool Down
  • Making the Resin Plasticized
  • Ejecting the Workpiece
  • Packaging

Closing the Mold

The process of injection molding assembly in Missouri begins when the mold closes. That starts the molding cycle timer. Depending on the type of production line that is being used, a new cycle begins when a robot receives a new part, or it can begin when the new part is placed on the conveyor belt. Once this is complete, we move on to the injection process.

The Injection Process

When the mold is in place, the heated plastic is injected into the mold (hence the term “custom plastic injection molding in Missouri”). As the melted plastic inserts itself into the mold, air escapes through vents in the pins and along the parting line. There are multiple mechanisms used during this process to ensure that the mold is completely filled. Once the mold is filled, the next step is to let the workpiece cool.

custom injection molding in Missouri

Allow Time to Cool Down

A mold that is properly filled will then be given time to cool down until it reaches its desired temperature. During the cool down, the plastic will harden to the consistency needed to continue production. The thickness of each part or workpiece will play a significant factor in how long the cool down process takes.

With all projects that involve custom injection molding in Missouri, the molds are designed with internal cooling and heating lines so that water can be cycled through to help maintain a consistent temperature. Next is plasticizing the resin.

Making the Resin Plasticized

Once the part has cooled to the proper temperature, the barrel screw will reverse or retract, then take new plastic resin from the hopper, and then draw it into the barrel. During this process, the barrel temperature must maintain a specific temperature for the resin that is being used. Once the part is ready, it is ejected.

Ejecting the Workpiece

When the part is complete, it is ejected from the injection molding machine. It falls into a bin located below the mold, where it can later be packaged.


Once the new part is put into the bin, that means it is ready for packaging. The parts that are determined to be usable are weighed, counted, and then packaged. After the packaging is complete, the parts are now ready for assembly or to be shipped.

Custom Injection Molding in Missouri

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