Plastic Injection Molding Services in Kansas City

As one of the top companies for plastic injection molding services in Kansas City, our team at LeVic Plastics knows each type of plastic has its strengths and weaknesses. Plastics come in different qualities and thickness levels, so that there are different options for companies to fit their budgets.

Sometimes you need lightweight plastic that doesn’t necessarily need to be durable, as it will be thrown away or recycled after a single use. Other projects that involve injection molding assembly in Kansas City require tough, rugged plastics that need to last the test of time and be able to survive heavy impact.

In today’s article, we’ll focus on the latter, the more heavy-duty plastics. There are three commonly used plastics that are for projects that require extreme durability. Those are:

  • Polycarbonate Plastic
  • PDCPD Plastic
  • ABS Plastic

Polycarbonate Plastic

One of the biggest benefits of using polycarbonate plastic for large production or limited production runs in Kansas City, is that it can be made to be completely translucent. Polycarbonate plastic can be made in grades that are “see-through,” so it resembles glass, but has much better durability.

Polycarbonate plastic has excellent toughness, stiffness, and is a great option for electrical insulation. It is relatively easy to fabricate, it bonds well with solvent cement, and has exceptional optical clarity. If polycarbonate plastic has any downfalls, it would be the fact that it’s a pricey material and is non-scratch resistant.

PDCPD Plastic

The biggest area where PDCPD shines above other plastics is its ability to withstand extreme temperatures. PDCPD is a thermoset plastic which means it is overall more durable than most other plastics in the hottest and coldest temperatures.

PDCPD is widely known as being extremely impact resistant and withstands corrosion much more efficiently than other plastics. It is commonly used for vehicle body panels, military equipment, and waste containers. If there is one major downfall to PDCPD plastic, it is non-recyclable. However, it does leave a low environmental impact.

Plastic Injection Molding Services in Kansas City

ABS Plastic

ABS is used for a wide variety of products or parts. For both large and limited production runs in Kansas City, it is a popular choice because it is durable enough to handle high impact at lower temperatures. ABS is also very heat resistant during the hottest temperatures.

Some other advantages of ABS are that it is very cost-effective compared to other plastics. The plastic material itself is also very aesthetically pleasing while still being strong and stiff. ABS is commonly used in luggage, golf clubs, toolboxes, and numerous other items. The biggest downfalls are that it is not a very environmentally friendly material, and it cannot be used for any type of food use.

Plastic Injection Molding Services in Kansas City

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