Many industries use custom plastic injection molding in Missouri to produce a high volume of parts.  It is an extremely versatile method of molding as the presses can vary in size.  The machines are capable of making molds small enough for very precise items that are used in surgery.  Machines are also capable of making larger items such as parts for automobiles.  

This article will cover the three primary industries that rely heavily on custom plastic injection molds in Missouri.  These industries are: 

  • Food & Beverage Industry 
  • Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry 
  • Windows & Doors Industry 

Food & Beverage Industry 

Various food grade materials are used in custom plastic injection molding in Missouri when it comes to the food and beverage industry.  To ensure everyone’s safety and health, the food and beverage industry requires parts to meet specific guidelines.  Some of those include BPA levels, must be FDA certified, and must be GMA safe.   

Some of the most common items that require custom plastic injection molds in Missouri are beverage filtering components, food and beverage containers, and processing equipment components. 

Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry 

If any industry requires the utmost quality, it would be the medical & pharmaceutical industry.  May people’s health and well-being depend on high performing equipment that is made using custom plastic injection molds in Missouri.  Medical equipment is made with engineering grade plastic resin, which provides high tensile strength, high temperature thresholds, and excellent mechanical properties.   

custom plastic injection molds in Missouri

Plastic injection molding in Missouri also provides more flexibility and versatility due to the reduced weight compared to other options.  Some common items made with plastic, specifically for medical use, are test kits, surgical prep items, x-ray components, and pharmaceutical items. 

Windows & Doors 

Whether you are using steel or aluminum molds in Missouricustom window parts can be made using plastic injection molding.  These parts are made to be extremely durable as they will be exposed to outdoor elements year-round.  Also, you will not have to worry about rust or corrosion with plastic compared to metal.   

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