Many different types of manufacturers now utilize CNC machining in Missouri.  Some of the most common uses for CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery are to make parts for different lines of work like the military, aerospace, transportation, electronics, and the medical field.   

In order to be qualified for CNC machining or other tooling services in Missouri, there are different prerequisites that most companies require.  This article will cover some of the qualifications companies are looking for in a good CNC machining specialist. 

What Companies are Looking for in a CNC Operator 

CNC machinery is most commonly used by CNC operators to shape plastics or metal for different types of manufacturing.  So, a good CNC operator must be able to read blueprints while having high-quality mechanical skills.  Most companies are looking to hire CNC operators with computer programming skills with a background in computer design or manufacturing programs. 

CNC machining in Missouri

Licensing and Certifications

CNC machining in Missouri does not necessarily require a license; however, many CNC operator candidates receive their training through an apprenticeship with their employer.  Many times CNC operators will obtain post-secondary certificates with an emphasis in manufacturing technology.  Remember, requirements may vary depending on the employer. 


A minimum education of a high school diploma is typically required to be a CNC operator, as well as the desire to work in a fast-paced, challenging environment.  Some employers may require an associate’s degree, which is offered at many technical or community colleges.  Certificate programs are a prerequisite at some companies; these programs may be offered at vocational schools or commercial trade schools. 

CNC machining in Missouri

Skills Necessary for the Job 

A CNC operator must have superior mechanical aptitude and experience with tooling services in Missouri like grinders, lathes, and lasers used for cutting or milling.  CNC operators must be able to troubleshoot any issues that may come about during production and have good analytical skills.  Workers specializing in CNC operations should also be able to read blueprints and mechanical drawings easily. 

Advanced Operators 

Some higher-end CNC operators will use specialized machines for CNC machining in Missouri that feature lasers and CNC milling.  These operators will have completed additional training in programming and specialized machinery. 

CNC machining in Missouri

Now that you know a little more background on CNC machining, contact our team at LeVic Plastics if your next project could benefit from utilizing CNC machining.  If CNC is not the best option for you, we have several different manufacturing methods at our facility, including custom plastic injection molds in Missouri.   

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