Plastic injection molding services in Missouri are essential to make the parts that businesses need to survive.  Plastic custom injection molding in Missouri has definitely come a long way from where it first started.   

This article will explain how plastic molding got its start back in the 1800s.  We’ll also cover how much plastic injection molding services in Missouri have evolved over the years. 

Where Plastic Molding Started 

In 1868 John Wesley Hyatt was searching for a better way to make billiard balls.  At the time, billiard balls were only made of ivory, but Hyatt and his brother were determined to find a better alternative.  They created a mold to make balls that were injected with celluloid.   

plastic injection molding services in Missouri

A few years later, the two patented a machine that automated the process of making the balls.  This machine was the first to exist that specialized in plastic injection molding.  It was essentially a plunger that injected plastic through a heated cylinder into a mold. 

Screw Injection Molding  

James Henry developed a new technique in 1946 called screw injection molding.  This technique replaced Hyatt’s plunger injection method and is still commonly used today for plastic custom injection molding in Missouri. 

Rotational Molding 

Rotation and heat were used to produce artillery shells in Great Britain back in 1855.  This process was known as rotational molding.  In the 1950s, plastics were then introduced to this method to manufacture dolls.  Then in the 1960slarge containers with lower density polyethylene were developed. 

Over the years, improvements to the machinery and processes were made, and they have led to more productivity in rotational molding.  With higher production numbers, the popularity of rotational molding has increased significantly. 

Today injection molding is used to make high-volume, customized plastic parts for many different industries worldwide. 

Injection Molding Today 

Today injection molding is used to make highvolume, customized plastic parts for many different industries worldwide.  Items large or small can be made using plastic injection molding services in Missouri.  Whether it’s large parts for airplanes or precise items like operating tools used for surgeons, custom injection molding in Missouri plays an essential role for many professions. 

The plastic can be injected into steel molds in Missouri or aluminum molds in Missouri, depending on the customer’s preference.  Although the molds can be a little pricey, if they are used for a heavy production load, then they become very cost-effective. 

plastic injection molding services in Missouri

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