Plastic Molding

The world of custom plastic molding in Missouri has a very unique history that we get to enjoy. While LeVic Plastics has only been around since 1971, we believe the strong history in our industry is what drives us to continue working so hard. Join us in exploring through the history of custom plastic injection molding services in Missouri through this article and help us imagine what our future could hold. 

The Beginning 

Dating back to the late 1800’s, plastic molding has evolved in terms of practices as well as intentions for use. The first main method of custom plastic injection molds used is documented in 1868 by Mr. John Wesley Hyatt. Billiards, also known as pool, is what drove Hyatt to explore plastic molding. Billiard balls were primarily ivory during these times, but Hyatt invented a way to make them with celluloid, and four years later created the first patented plastic molding machine in the industry. This was the first step in our journey in injection molding assembly 

The Growth 

Through the years, as have many others, our industry has evolved to a different method than what was originally intended. In 1946 we first saw a method invented by James Hendry. Common to what we see now, this method used a new molding machine that allowed for many jobs. Through the 1960’s the manufacturing process boomed and the use of plastic was common through many products as a result of plastic injection molding services. 

The Present 

Now, we get to enjoy the previous methods that have evolved to help us do our jobs efficiently. Updated technology has allowed us to increase our limited product runs and broaden our customer pool. Throughout the years we have perfected our craft and are thrilled for what the future has to hold. 

If you are ready to join us in the history of the plastics industry in Missouri and start your molding project, give LeVic Plastics a call today. Our team of experts in custom injection molding in Missouri is ready to help you through any project today.