CNC machining in Kansas City

There are a wide variety of industries that utilize CNC machining in Kansas City. Whether it’s for the auto industry, aerospace, or agricultural purposes, CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machining is used to manufacture various products that many industries use on a daily basis.

The process of CNC involves several different computer-controlled machining operations, which include chemical, thermal, mechanical, and electrical processes. During CNC, these machining operations will remove material from a workpiece and produce a customized product or part. This article will dive deeper into the specifics of the three most common methods of CNC machining in Kansas City, which are:

  • Milling
  • Turning
  • Drilling


When multi-point cutting tools are rotated to remove materials from a workpiece, this process is known as milling. During CNC milling, the CNC machine usually advances a workpiece towards the cutting tool in the same direction that the cutting tool is rotating. This differs from manual milling, where the machine feeds the workpiece in the opposite direction of the way the cutting tool is rotating. Some common tooling services in Kansas City that are done using CNC are: face milling, cutting shallow surfaces, and cutting cavities like slots or threads into the workpiece.

CNC machining in Kansas City


The machining process that uses single-point cutting tools on a rotating workpiece to remove materials is called turning. During turning, a lathe machine will feed the cutting tool along the surface of the workpiece while it is rotating. The material will gradually be removed around the circumference of the workpiece until the desired dimensions are met. Turning can also be used for facing, grooving, boring, and thread cutting. CNC mills typically work best for complex parts, and limited production runs in Kansas City, while a lathe works faster to create parts that are primarily round.


During the drilling process, cylindrical holes are created in the workpiece. This is done by using multi-point drill bits fed in by a CNC machine. The bits are fed in perpendicularly to the surface of the workpiece, which produces holes that are vertically aligned and equal to the diameter of the drill bit for this particular operation. Using specialized machines, angular drilling can also be performed using CNC machining in Kansas City. Other capabilities of drilling include tapping, reaming, counterboring, and countersinking.

CNC machining in Kansas City

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