Learning about the world of custom plastic injection molding is truly a difficult process. There are many parts and actions to consider before you can understand a majority of the industry. Our work at LeVic Plastics is dedicated to educating our audience on what we do, therefore making custom plastic injection molds in Missouri a more common and usable practice. In this article we are going to educate on one specific area of our practice, CNC machines. CNC machining in Missouri is made up of five main actions. Milling, turning, routing, drilling, and grinding. Through this article we are going to explore what each of these actions mean in a little more depth. 

CNC Machining


In this action, we understand that it is a practice in which the cutting tool rotates. When it is put to work, it removes chips from the project. Also known as end milling, face milling, and tapping, this method is very accurate and works on many different materials. 


Turning is an action that is the opposite of milling. Instead of the tool rotating, the project itself rotates. While often just called CNC machining in Missouri, this action has a handful of differences from the other actions in this article. 


Similar to milling, this action also has a rotating piece. However, there are distinct differences. This tool is more ideal for cutting softer materials, whereas the milling process is mainly focused on cutting and trimming metal. Routing is a quick method and can quickly get the project moved along the line. 


Drilling is a practice that does exactly what it says, it drills. It uses the tip of the tool to product a hole. It is hardly done by hand in order to achieve an accurate end result that is ultimately more cost efficient. 


Grinding is when a wheel comes into the picture and is then used to remove material. The end goal of this method is to result in a high precision finish. It is hardly ever used with raw materials, but often as a finishing action in the custom plastic injection molding process. 

Now you are prepared to handle conversations about the CNC machines and what they do more efficiently. If your business is planning to search for plastic injection molding services in Missouri, it is time to give LeVic Plastics a call. Our team of experts in insert molding services in Missouri is prepared to guide you through our process and help find the best plan of action for your specific project. Contact LeVic Plastics, experts in CNC machining in Missouri, a call today to start talking about your project and how we can help you with our services.