Next to CNC machiningEDM machining is a very common machining process. Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a non-traditional process where the material is discharged from a workpiece using thermal energy, rather than mechanical force. EDM machining is ideal for demanding machining applications where removing a workpiece is difficult, and there are three types of EDM machining you should know about: 

What is EDM Machining in Missouri

Wire EDM 

Also known as “cheese cutter” EDM, this electrical discharge machining uses a thin wire as an electrode, which then moves in a careful pattern to entirely cut the workpiece. During this machining process, the wire comes from an automated feed with a continuously moving spool to create a discharge path in the cut. 

Sinker EDM 

Sinker EDM, also known as die sinking or traditional EDM, allows users to produce complex cavity shapes, such as plastic injection molds. This electrical discharge machining method requires pre-machined electrodes to give the product its necessary shape and then carefully plunging it into the workpiece, creating a sparking over its surface. 

Hole Drilling EDM 

With hole drilling EDM, this machine used a rotating conductive tube for a continuous flow of dielectric fluid to create accurate, precise, and deep holes. This process doesn’t require any deburring, as the electrodes are tubular, and the fluid is fed through the electrode. Nearly every conductive material you can think of can be machined with hole drilling EDM, including titanium, metal, hardened steel, and composites. Hole drilling can even create the pilot hole that is necessary for wire threading! 

Why EDM Machining?  

We at LeVic Plastics use EDM machining in Kansas City because it reduces the need for post-processing or surface treatment. Hardness tends to be a common issue in contact machining, resulting in a waste of time and money. It also tends to be a more accurate and predictable machining method, and can even be performed unattended. When many people come to our shop, they don’t realize just how much you can do with an EDM machine. 

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