CNC machining in Missouri can serve a wide variety of industries.  Each business has its own needs, and that means CNC machining must adapt to the customizations required for each trade.  This article will cover some of the different industries that utilize CNC machining in Missouri.


Various types of CNC machines can adapt to the medical professionals’ needs more effectively than using aluminum or steel molds in Missouri.  Since there are a wide variety of materials available, workers in the medical industry have an extensive range of parts created by CNC machining.  Some include implants, orthotics, research equipment, monitoring devices, and MRI machines. 


For aviation and aerospace, precision is a necessity.  Parts and supplies for this industry are typically made of the most durable materials like titanium, aluminum, nickel, alloys, and plastics.  Some of the most common parts made by CNC machining are manifolds, airfoils, bushings, and landing gear parts. 

CNC machining in Missouri


This industry requires durability and high quality to last extended periods of time.  CNC machining is used to make parts that help keep heavy-duty items rolling along, such as freight trains, passenger trains, shipping vessels, eighteenwheel trucks, and passenger vehicles.   

Oil and Gas 

Keeping pipelines in good working condition is vital to our society.  CNC machining is a crucial part of keeping the oil and gas industry running smoothly.  Some of the items that machining produces for pipelines, refineries, and rigs are: pins, rods, valves, drill bits, cylinders, and pistons. 

CNC machining in Missouri


Many items already mentioned in the aerospace and transportation sections fall into the military category as well.  However, the military has to always be on the cutting edge of the newest technology available.  The military must have plenty of additional parts  for the most remote locations where military members are stationed.   


CNC machining in Missouri is used for large-scale items but can be for the small components needed for electronics.  CNC machining can create communications components that can protect devices from electronic interference and create connections between items like electrical insulation, heat sinks, and radio frequency interference shielding. 

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