When it comes to the massproduction of parts or products, there are many different techniques that companies use.  One method that is gaining momentum is EDM machining in Kansas City.   

The EDM Machining Process 

Electrical Discharge Machining in Kansas City (EDM) is a controlled metal-removal process.  More specifically, EDM uses two electrodes separated by a dielectric liquid.  This liquid is used so that the metal can be removed by electric spark erosion.   

The electric spark in EDM is used to cut and shape the piece into the final model of your desired shape or size.  After the cutting process, a highpowered electric charge pulsates the finished product; this removes all tiny pieces of metal from the model in a controlled fashion. 

EDM Machining in Kansas City

Benefits of EDM Machining in Kansas City 

You may ask yourself, “Why should I choose EDM instead of another process like CNC machining in Kansas City?  Some of the advantages of EDM that we will explain more in-depth are: 

  • Creates Complex Designs or Shapes 
  • Cost-Efficient 
  • Clean Surface Finish 
  • Precise Holes 

Creates Complex Designs or Shapes 

Companies specializing in tooling services in Kansas City, such as LeVic Plastics, know that EDM is the best option when it comes to the most unique shapes or designs.  Even the thinnest, most fragile designs can be completed in less than time than using conventional cutting tools. 

Cost-Efficient and Versatile 

EDM can handle high-precision material components and cut them much more accurately than traditional cutting methods.  The risk of having to redo any work is minimal, thanks to the accuracy of EDM Machining in Kansas City.  Also, the process of EDM is typically much more energy efficient than traditional drilling or milling machines. 

EDM Machining in Kansas City

Clean Surface Finish 

EDM machinery is designed so that the most delicate portions of the work pieces are machined without any flaws.  There is very little polishing required at the end of the process, which helps ensure that each piece’s shape is not disrupted. 

Precise Holes 

Small holes are required for many work pieces, and the hole’s size must be extremely accurate.  EDM has pinpoint precision and the process creates no mechanical stress between the work pieces and tool as they do not make contact at any point.  

EDM Machining in Kansas City

If you are looking for an experienced company when it comes to EDM Machining or any other tooling services in Kansas City, give LeVic Plastics a call at (800) 231-1232 or contact us online to receive a quote from one of our team members.    

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