EDM Machining in Missouri, or electrical discharge machiningis a method that LeVic Plastics specializes in. Like CNC, this method has its own distinct uses and differences when compared to other operations. Through this article we would like to explore what EDM machining in Missouri is and how it works in a few short terms. Join us in learning more about this process. 

EDM Machining

This practice is when material is removed from a project using thermal energy. Like laser cutting, this method does not use mechanical force throughout the removal process when CNC machining in Missouri does. This practice is popular in use with difficult shapes and materials. It is versatile and able to work on a variety of projects.  

In more complicated terms, this machine uses a process that takes out material by using an electrode. The electrode leaves behind a negative imprint on the project, initiating a discharge that removes material through melting or vaporizing. 

Every conductive material can be worked on with an EDM machining in Missouri. That list includes titanium, steel, and other hardened composites. This makes it an ideal tool to use on projects that include those materials, as other machines cannot work on them efficiently. Another benefit of this practice is that it results in less mechanical force used in the shop. Compared to other practices like CNC machining in Missouri, where cutting tools are used, this method becomes a more versatile option. It can allow for shapes and depths that are not possible with cutting tools alone. Another benefit of this practice is that the surface finish of the project is much higher quality than other end results.  

To end, there are many unique features of EDM machining in Missouri that should be considered when talking about certain projects. Our experts in custom plastic injection molding in Missouri encourage you to learn more about the needs of your project before blinding choosing a company to do the work. LeVic Plastics is ready to guide you the process and educate you along the way. Contact our team today to begin discussing your next project and how you can get started soon.